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You can be the next global star at Spotlighter.

Our goal is to create the next big stars like Brad Pitt, J.Lo, and Keanu Reeves.

Our platform is at market, and we’ve also established a local partnership ecosystem with celebrities, talent managers, casting agencies, production companies, tv and radio channels and also brands. Join the revolution of new media!

1 minute for the opportunity of a lifetime!

By changing the current position of social media, we have turned it into a tool, not a goal, and paved the way for talent.

From popular people (writers, musicians, scientists, politicians, etc.) and we started building the Spotlighter community of their talented fans.

Why should you use Spotlighter App?

You don’t need to shoot long videos, just let your followers know with a 15-second teaser for the spot!

You don’t need to waste time editing hours of video… with one-on-one interaction, you can do as many activities with lighter as you want, chat.

You can make passive time on social media efficient with qualified content and interactive publications.

You can shine your light with your creative content and become the new idol!

Aktif İçerik Üreten

It starts with a 15-second recorded video. In your teaser, what is the question on your mind or what is the topic you want to share with people, in short, what do you want to talk to your guests on this live spot of the talk show, you talk about it.

Then everyone who wants to be a guest on a talk show responds to you in a video.

After that, everyone has to wait for talk show time, that is, live spot time, and vote on the answers.

The vote is very important! Because the ranking of your guests ‘ arrival on the air is based on the podium formed by this vote.

Each guest has only 1 minute to stay on the spot with you. A guest whose duration ends, that is, the lighter falls from the spot, and the next lighter comes to the screen. And while all this is happening, anyone who clicks on the live spot link can watch you.

Now that the spotlight can’t last forever, the importance of voting on the podium is once again evident.

Finally, live spots are recorded, and then they can be watched many times and receive comments.