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The first digital TalkShow app!

It doesn’t matter you are famous or not,

take your dream topics and start talking to

people who you cannot even imagine!

1 minute for a life-time opportunity

We believe that the talented young generation is the key to a better world. So, we have to provide them the tools that they can boost their creativity.


Spotlighter is a co-creation app which is built to unite talented people. We started to form the Spotlighter community consists of popular people (writers, musicians, scientists, politicians, etc.) and their talented fans. It is hard to come together for these people in the physical world.

Why should you use the Spotlighter?

You don’t need to make a long video, just let your fans know with a 15-second teaser for the spot!
You will not waste time editing videos for hours … With one-to-one interaction, you can have activities and chat with as many lighter as you want.
You can make your passive time on social media productive with qualified content and interactive spots.
You can shine your light with your creative content and become the new idol!


You can include your fans’ creative phrases while writing lyrics.
Do you have a band? Are you looking for someone new to the dance group? Is the team looking for its new athlete? Turn on your spot, discover talents!
You can have a discussion program about agenda and be moderator!
You can catechetical to people from all over the world to shine a light about a subject you are competent. Maybe college students have questions to ask for their article?
You can start a joyous spot to show people your talent and chat with them.
Are you the mayor? You can get your ideas for new landscaping from the public!
Business people seem to keep the pulse of the industry here… How much was the dollar today?


You can join any spot you want to show your creativity. It could be your word in the new track of your favorite singer!
You can show off your skills and do great things with your new teammates.
You can say I also have an opinion on the agenda!
You can shine the light on every professional person who has proven herself/himself in her/him field with your own knowledge and qualifications!
You can be a talent scout by joining or watching other spots!
Who knows your city better than you? Get a chance to speak to the mayor about your bright ideas immediately!
A meeting is not required to come together with successful names in the sector… A coffee break is enough! Hey, young! It could be a great chance to show yourself in the business world!

How to use Spotlighter?

It all starts with a 15-second recorded video. What is the question in your mind in your teaser or what you want to share with people, in short, what do you want to talk to your guests on this spot of the talk show, you tell about it.

Then everyone who wants to be a guest on the talk show leaves you a video answer.

After that, everyone is wait for the talk show time, namely the live spot time, and vote on the answers for it.

Voting is very important! Because the ranking of the guests, namely lighters, on the spot is based on the podium formed by this vote.

Each guest has only 1 minute to stay on the spot with you. The expired lighter drops off its stream and the next lighter comes to the screen. While all this is happening, anyone who clicks on the live spot link can watch you.

The spot cannot last forever, so the importance of the podium, it mean the voting, is once again revealed.

Finally, live spots are recorded and can then be watched over and over again and the comment.

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